Packing.. endless packing

There’s nothing much to update on at the moment other than the endless waiting and packing that comes along with being accepted for a job abroad several months before one actually departs.

I thought I’d put down a few of the things that have helped me when I’ve been packing up my life.. just in case they help anyone else!

  • Inventorise! I didn’t think I needed to do this but once I did suddenly I had a much clearer idea of where things were going. I marked my furniture and bigger belongings with stay, give away or bin and I was then able to draw up a timeline to work out when I needed to sort things out by.
  • Be ruthless. I am unashamed to say that I am quite the hoarder, particularly of clothing. There was no time or space to be sentimental so I did a big wardrobe clear out back in March to sort my winter things, and then again in June. Anything I hadn’t worn in the last 6 months or last season went. There were no ifs or buts. Some things I could give to my Mum or my friends, but a lot of clothes went to the car boot and the charity shops. On the plus side, this gave me more space to buy new things!
  • Little and often. Don’t leave all the jobs to the last minute. Pack up a little every night and it will soon be done.
  • Don’t pack too heavy. Something I failed at miserably the first time around. Especially when I put my entire Shakespeare and Classics collection into one box… which I then couldn’t lift…


In other exciting news I’ve been speaking to my predecessor today about buying his car. I’m going to be very pleased to have transport sorted so soon after I arrive. I love having a car for the freedom it gives you to go anywhere, anytime you want!


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